By Shauna Murray

Living plastic free – sounds daunting doesn’t it? But there’s people […]

By Melanie Louie

As part of a survey we had conducted in our office, a number of people in our office had commented that they wished their chairs were a little […]

By Jonnie Allen

Last week we welcomed over 200 guests to 10 events across the globe. The focus was on how we all need to do more and our marketing team […]

By Roslina Rahim

For the second year running, Cundall’s Doha office took part in Qatar Green Building Council’s annual No Paper Day. As Cundall is […]

It is National Recycling Week in Australia and to celebrate, we asked a few of our Australian staff to share some of their recycling tips at home or in the office. Make it obvious! –  In our office we have a colourful sign next to each bin clearly explaining what it is for (i.e. general […]

By Joanne Sim

At Cundall, using the One Planet Living principals we set ourselves targets to reduce our impact the business has on the planet. One of these principals is to reduce our waste[…]