By Alan Fogarty

When it comes to net zero carbon design, the UK’s education sector is well ahead of […]

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Following Simon Wyatt and Richard Twinn’s recent article for Building Magazine, where they discussed how major investors are becoming the driving force behind the UK’s green building revolution, we spoke to leading voices from […]

By Nuno Correia

Earlier this year, the UK government launched a consultation on the Future Building Standard, including changes to […]

By Simon Wyatt

With COP26 dominating the conversation in 2021, we need to consider what […]

By Alan Fogarty

The proposed amendment to the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development, will set a […]

By Shauna Murray

Earlier this week, we held a webinar about the launch of NABERS UK; a simple reliable system for […]

By David Clark

The new AU Green Star Buildings rating tool launched in October 2020 is a step change in ambition for the property industry. It has had a complete overhaul to reflect the challenges facing Australia over the next 20 years including climate change, biodiversity loss, health and wellbeing and the need for a more circular economy. […]

By Alex Carter, Graham Barker and Rob van Zyl

The Birmingham marketplace is on the curve of a change to make its […]

By Madlen Jannaschk

In our six previous steps, we outlined the practical measures required to physically reduce the carbon footprint of a building in its construction and operation. This final step looks at the importance of transparency […]

By Simon Wyatt

2020 began with so much promise; the start of a decade of climate action. Four months later and the world’s attention has shifted to the immediate health crisis posed by Covid-19 and the ensuing economic crash […]