By Caimin McCabe

Suzanne Cory High School is one of the two new selective entry schools in Melbourne. The design challenge was to create […]

By Alistair Coulstock

Of all the Christmas cheer, some say nothing is more important than the feeling of giving. In January 2016, I will […]

By Julie Verrill

As part of Cundall’s commitment to help build a pipeline of engineering talent, we continue to take part in various […]

By Chloe Agg

I love my job, I really do. I find it deeply satisfying to use maths & physics to solve real life problems […]

Harton Primary School © Kristen McCluskie

By Andrew Parkin

I wrote in 2013 about the impending changes to BB93, the document that is the means of compliance with Part E4 of Building Regulations – Acoustic design of schools […]