Cundall recently hosted a round table discussion in Perth on the importance of Sustainable Strategy and Governance in organisations and businesses […]

By Natalie Groves

As we open the Cundall Diploma up to new registrations, we’ve asked some of our current participants […]

By Duncan Cox

With news of hosepipe bans and record low levels in reservoirs across the country, I was reminded about […]

2016 saw the launch of Cundall’s flagship sustainable design training programme, the Cundall Diploma. Designed to educate, inspire and empower […]

By Paul Chatwin

I have six years of monthly gas, electric and water home meter readings. I read the meters religiously each month, log them on a spreadsheet, and then do very little […]

By Hannah Brooker

Before Christmas I received an email asking University of Sheffield alumni to get involved in ‘Engineering You’re Hired’ […]

By Duncan Cox

As I embarked on the Cundall Diploma, the second module asked us to look at making an energy plan for our home […]

By Duncan Cox

I took a photo of the back of my house with Cundall’s thermal camera and tweeted the photo not really knowing what it meant […]