By Ilaria Fichera

On 13 – 14 May I participated in the Institute of Acoustics Annual Conference Acoustics 2019 presenting my research […]

By Monica Saralertsophon

When I describe my role as an acoustic consultant it is usually about eliminating sounds, however soundscaping […]

By Matthew Hyden

As part of my work on the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) ‘Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Group’ I was able to contribute to […]

By Mark Evans

I recently finished the acoustic design of several projects within an international Airport. Acoustic design of airports is a balancing act […]

By Andrew Moore

New homes overheating is an increasing problem, with a number of instances being reported in the national press as well as industry publications. So, why is this happening and how can we resolve the issue? […]

By Guy Hopkins

Last week the Australian acoustics team took a chosen few down to Sydney University’s anechoic chamber […]

By Andrew Parkin

I recently had the privilege of travelling to the other side of the world to visit some of our international offices. The main purpose of the trip was to spend time with Chris Field, our recently-appointed […]

Cundall's Birmingham Office

By Andrew Parkin

In September I presented at the TABS expert meeting in Sweden. In this presentation I looked at how the design of buildings has evolved over time and how [….]

By Andrew Parkin

The role of an engineer has changed. My role as an engineer has changed. Whatever type of engineer we are […]

Harton Primary School © Kristen McCluskie

By Andrew Parkin

I wrote in 2013 about the impending changes to BB93, the document that is the means of compliance with Part E4 of Building Regulations – Acoustic design of schools […]