Victoria Olawoyin

V Olawoyin blog

Marketing and Business Development Manager

London, UK

I joined Cundall’s London office in 2021, after 10 years in the legal sector. I now lead the UK and Ireland Marketing and Business Development team. I have a passion and drive for developing business development and marketing strategies, and  am the Chair of Cundall’s affinity network ‘Mosaic’, which plays a key role in our commitment and long-term strategy of being a more diverse and inclusive practice. 

Collaborating with global teams 

Working with teams and projects across Cundall’s global network is a vital part of my role. It is essential to establishing an inclusive and diverse company culture, and from a business standpoint, we all benefit from our wide range of expertise and skills to create and develop better business strategies. 


Excellence is the result of caring about what we do, and putting our very best effort into it. Within the marketing and businesses development team, our excellence comes from a commitment to play our role in the growth and continued success of Cundall and our clients.  

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