Matthew Lowe

Matthew Lowe

Junior Engineer – Electrical Engineering
Manchester, UK


After a year’s experience in the Nuclear Industry, I joined Cundall in October 2014 as a Junior Electrical Engineer based in the Manchester office. I decided to join Cundall because I am passionate about the built environment and have a strong interest in sustainable energy use, as well as energy generation. Thus far, my position at Cundall has allowed me to contribute and be involved in producing/designing building services design solutions for student residential schemes. Working at Cundall has also given me the opportunity to work outside my comfort zone in electrical engineering design on a civil utility masterplan project at the former site of the BBC in Manchester.

In addition, I am a STEMNET Ambassador and have been for almost three years. Through this network, I often volunteer at various career events and hands-on activities organised by the STEM team at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) in Manchester. I genuinely believe that it is important to encourage the next generation of potential engineers into our industry, at an early age, and to remind teachers of the possibilities within STEM careers.

Outside of work I enjoy a mixture of socialising, hiking and snowboarding.

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