Mariana Trusson


Associate Director – Sustainable Design
Edinburgh, UK


I was inspired to be an engineer by my Grandfather who was a first officer and mechanic in the navy. I chose building services and energy efficiency from the get-go because I believe that these exciting sectors have immense room for improvement and innovation.

I’m currently the main contact for Cundall’s sustainability group  in Scotland and the North East.  I am a Chartered Engineer, a Co-Opted member of CIBSE Council and Co-ordinate WiBSE Scotland.  I have worked in a number of different companies in the past from very small consultancy practices to international, multi discipline engineering giants, I also ran my own successful company for a number of years.

I specialise in energy efficiency for new and existing buildings as well as industrial processes, dynamic building simulation and environmental assessments such as BREEAM and LEED.  I’m an enthusiastic advocate for practical realistic sustainability that makes a difference.  I have management responsibilities for the M&E team in the Cundall Edinburgh office as well as my northern sustainability team, I am also responsible for the QA systems in Edinburgh.  After work I am currently writing a book about a new approach to whole life costing for sustainable solutions using the SAMBA (single action multiple benefit approach).

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