Eric Rugundu

Eric Rugundu

Business Development & Marketing Manager
London, UK


I joined Cundall in June 2015 after a decade of business development and marketing in the legal sector. As a newcomer to the world of engineering, I’m quickly learning the value that engineers bring to almost everything I use on a daily basis.

Cundall is a tantalising firm for a professional services marketer. The variety of services, diversity of clients and growing international presence create a unique dynamic of opportunity that is paralleled by the creative engineering solutions our teams provide.

Being a part of the Cundall culture has also affected me personally. The firm’s determined approach to sustainability includes a Green Team of which I am now a member and learning new things about how to live a more sustainable life. As a lifelong carnivore, I’ve learned that meat isn’t required for every meal and by eating less meat, I’m actually reducing my carbon footprint!

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