Ashleigh Dolan

Lighting Designer  
Manchester, UK


I joined Cundall’s lighting design team, Light4, in June 2014 after attending a talk at my college by one of their Senior Designers. Off the back of the talk, I applied for work experience with the Light4 team. At the time, I was doing a foundation degree in interior architecture and with Cundall’s support I am due to finish my BA in February 2017.

Since joining Cundall, my fascination with lighting and the way it affects people and spaces has continued to grow. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects in different sectors, countries and on variety of scales. Being part of the Light4 team has also given me the opportunity to get involved in some really interesting and very niche voluntary projects and temporary installations such as the Night of Heritage Light, Neon Sonnets and The Pilcrow Project.

As well as getting the chance to watch my ideas and concepts come to fruition, I also get the opportunity to engage with experienced designers and engineers as they share their findings and practices.

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