By Hartmut Kraft

I have just recently arrived in Singapore. I have lived here for two years, but it was only on 15 February 2019 that I truly arrived […]

By Andrew Hanson

The latest hot topic in engineering seems to be “Digital Engineering” […]

By Bettina Easton

When I joined Cundall in July I was challenged by the directors to add my mark to the Sydney office […]

By Simon Wyatt

With the new draft Plan coming into force later this year, we have looked back on its impact and forward to assess what’s coming next […]

By Hannah Murphy

Have you ever taken a moment to browse the skies above your home […]

Airports can be complex, busy, confusing places at the best of times. For passengers who have […]

By Peter Whitehead

In 2017, the Australia-New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee