By Nuno Correia

Earlier this year, the UK government launched a consultation on the Future Building Standard, including changes to […]

By Simon Wyatt

With COP26 dominating the conversation in 2021, we need to consider what […]

By Graham Barker

There are many key design considerations for lifts and escalators in offices […]

By Alan Fogarty

The proposed amendment to the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development, will set a […]

By Elise Campbell-Bates

Being connected has for too long been a major route to employment and career progression […]

By Graham Barker

This three part blog series aims to highlight some of […]

By Shauna Murray

Earlier this week, we held a webinar about the launch of NABERS UK; a simple reliable system for […]

By David Clark

The new AU Green Star Buildings rating tool launched in October 2020 is a step change in ambition for the property industry. It has had a complete overhaul to reflect the challenges facing Australia over the next 20 years including climate change, biodiversity loss, health and wellbeing and the need for a more circular economy. […]

By Simon Wyatt

Over the past year we have seen a seismic shift in momentum behind the sustainability movement. This is despite the current pandemic, which if anything has accelerated the desire to build back better. […]

By Graham Barker

There are many factors which can influence the decision of a building owner or tenant when considering […]