Luke Stevens

Senior Security Consultant
London, UK


I’ve been an engineer in the blast and explosives sector for 10 years. Four years designing bomb disposal equipment for the Ministry and Defence and six years in the construction sector doing security consultancy and blast engineering. This background has given me both hands on experience handling explosives and making bombs (for experimental purposes in the MoD) as well as experience designing the means to detect bombs and protect soldiers, civilians and buildings from their effects.

Working as a blast engineer has given me the opportunity to complete a wide range projects from schools, offices and residential buildings to premiership football clubs, listed buildings and the most secure governmental facilities.

As a member of the CPNI sponsored Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES) I am qualified to work on critical national infrastructure (CNI) and I’m most proud of a beautiful bespoke blast engineered façade which I developed for a major rail station. It was designed to mirror the great existing architecture and similar collaboration with clients, architects and security stakeholders to develop innovative approaches to keeping people safe is what keeps me passionate about my role.

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