By Natalie Groves

Our fantastic IT and audio-visual team have been running a series of internal presentations […]

By Philip Beale

New tenants will place great value on the ability to plug their corporate network […]

By IT and Audio Visual Team

We are mid-way through our summer of sport, with last week marking the most successful Olympics for Team GB since 1908. Whilst Rio used its existing national soccer stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies […]

By Joanne Sim

It’s half way through 2016, and this year we have published a wide range of blog posts […]

By the IT and Audio Visual Team

The hotel industry is transforming. This is being driven by […]

By the IT and Audio Visual Team

With availability of space decreasing and rents rising in city centres, developers and tenants are […]

By the IT and Audio Visual team

Modern standalone or networked buildings forming estates often have a ‘building data network’ running numerous interconnected systems […]