By Jonnie Allen

I was shocked to read recently how badly the UK performs when it comes to gender equality in the workplace […]

By Julie Verrill

After working in an established HR career for the past 8 years I have made the transition from a non-technical role to a technical role […]

By Ozak Esu

For every test or examination taken at school in Nigeria, you are given a results sheet that ranks students […]

1971 saw the first six Mr Men books published by much loved author Roger Hargreaves. But […]

By Emma Kent

Last week (6 – 10 November 2017) was Tomorrow’s Engineers Week […]

By Alexandra Logan

It’s been well documented that there is a skills shortage in the UK construction industry […]

To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2017, we asked Ruth Best, if she could turn back the clock, what would she tell her 16-year-old self […]