By Sinead McBride

I have been volunteering within […]

By Rebekah Phillips

Cundall is one of the founding companies for Plan Built Environment Education (BEE) […]

By Jonathan Smith

Last year I embarked on a yearlong journey as an apprentice for the President […]

By Victoria Norris

Last weekend marked Australia’s 22nd National Tree Day, with local councils around the country hosting events to inspire and educate communities […]

By Natalie Groves

It’s a strange title for a blog, but that is just one piece of feedback we received following a visit from 17 school girls who came to visit […]

By David Everington

In the western world, there are many things about everyday life taken for granted… one such thing being access to a safe, potable water supply […]

By Jonathan Smith

At the start of November 2016, I embarked on a one-year journey as an apprentice for the President of the Institute of Civil Engineers […]

By Hannah Brooker

Before Christmas I received an email asking University of Sheffield alumni to get involved in ‘Engineering You’re Hired’ […]

By Stephen Dixon
In early November my wife Kate and I embarked on a two […]

Today is International Volunteer Day (IVD), a unique chance for volunteers and organisations to celebrate their efforts […]