Health and wellbeing, improved work-life balance, and creating space and time to spend with family; in an increasingly busy world, all of these things become even more important and these are just some of the reasons why flexible working is becoming of increasing importance to people. Recent research¹ suggests that more than half of UK […]

By Kieran Thompson

Last week we invited 96 aspiring engineers to attend our UK assessment centres […]

By Kieran Thompson

Back in 2015’s Autumn Statement the then chancellor (and recently appointed Editor of the Evening Standard) George Osborne announced the government would increase apprenticeship provision in the UK […]

By Amy Young

When you imagine a naturally ventilated office in a country like Australia, you probably envisage a light breeze flowing past your face as […]

By Kieran Thompson

Cundall’s goal is to be excellent in everything we do, and the number of disciplines in which Cundall can be considered truly ‘excellent’ is growing, but […]

By Carole O’Neil

With the deadline fast approaching for our graduate vacancies, our thoughts turn to attracting the next generation of engineering [….]