Apr 29, 2020

Hogg Blog: Introduction

By Kirsty Hogg

As November 2019 rolled around, I know it was that time again – one of the most important dates in the BIM calendar, where industry professionals descend to the Autodesk University Conference. It’s a great chance to see the latest software and technical workflows discussed, and we get a rare glimpse at what is in the Autodesk pipeline.

We arrived in Las Vegas, checked into our hotel and once we’re over the initial awe, the BIM nerds begin feverishly discussing the best software for running simulations or what their latest status is on World of Warcraft!

The conference isn’t just lectures with someone trying to sell you their latest piece of software. It is called a University because it focuses on teaching. Lectures are called classes, live demonstrations are actually interactive workshops, and there are areas where BIM professionals can take exams to gain certification. The emphasis from all the speakers is that they want to share their knowledge and experiences to help others progress their own businesses. For every class or workshop, all the presentations, handouts, video files, and additional material such as model files and Dynamo scripts are made freely available to all attendees to download and keep. Where other conferences offer you a free USB keyring with their logo on it, Autodesk University gives you knowledge and experience.

It is a unique opportunity for BIM managers and Digital Leads around the globe to network and share their experience to enable them to go home to their respective companies and plan a software and training strategy for the next year. We can progress our knowledge as BIM managers and therefore as a business in a handful of days compared with months of fumbling around in the office on Google and software trials and expensive training.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be discussing every aspect of the conference and what I gained from it. Here’s what’s coming up over the next four weeks:

  • Day One – Forge DevCon Keynote
    We heard from Autodesk Vice President, Susanna Holt as she focused on what ‘Digital Transformation’ is.
  • Day Two – General Keynote Session
    This is when the theme for the conference is revealed. Automation was up there, but the overriding theme was sustainable, smarter design.
  • Day Three – AEC Keynote
    The AEC keynote is in large part an extension of the General keynote, expanding upon the themes laid out by Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost earlier on in the conference.
  • Day Four – Autodesk Professional Certification
    Exam day! This is when I took the Autodesk professional certification. Did I pass? You’ll have to wait for my day four blog to find out!

This year the conference was focused on ‘Better starts here.’ I’ll be kicking off with my review of Day One next week – stay posted!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I now have a glimpse of wat the conference is all about



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