By Shauna Murray

Living plastic free – sounds daunting doesn’t it? But there’s people out there doing it so it’s possible.

More and more people are cutting down on the plastic they use for the benefit of our environment, wildlife and future generations.

To explore plastic free shopping, our Birmingham office headed down to ‘The Clean Kilo: Zero Waste Supermarket’ in Digbeth. They have three aims which are: to sell plastic free products, source local produce and reduce food waste. They buy in bulk and sell to consumers without packaging.

You bring along your own reusable containers and fill up with as much of the product as you need and will use. For most of us it was our first time visiting – but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Image 2.jpg

Although I can’t claim that I’m going to live completely plastic free from here onwards, I have changed the way I shop. One of the biggest challenges when you cook for one is food waste. So being able to choose the amount I buy to mirror the amount I will use that week works well for me.

Clean Kilo are ahead of the curve. They report that since opening in June 2018 they’ve saved nearly 130,000 pieced of plastic. Although in this day and age it seems like more supermarkets should be taking a proactive step towards tackling plastic pollution.

The plastic we use today can take over 400 years to biodegrade and hearing that the world has manufactured more single use plastic in the last decade than in the whole previous century, supermarkets committing to reduce plastic use over the next 3-5 years just doesn’t seem good enough.

There are some small changes we can all make to reduce our plastic usage – always bring your own bags along with you when shopping, visit your local plastic free store if you have one close by (don’t forget your containers!), buy a reusable coffee cup and reuse any plastic you have in your home as many times as possible.

Click here to find out more about how Cundall are making a positive difference as business as usual is no longer enough.

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