Jun 12, 2019

The sound of the truth

By Monica Saralertsophon

When I describe my role as an acoustic consultant it is usually about eliminating sounds, however soundscaping, where we add sounds, is becoming more common in many projects.

Sounds can trigger all sort of emotions with sounds often used to calm and relax (consider the music you hear when you walk into a spa). It has therefore been an interesting project to work on Cundall’s Vivid Sydney installation this year where the brief was to unsettle the visitors.

The installation highlights an inconvenient truth- we use too much plastic. Inside guests are surrounded by 1000’s of plastic bags while reading shocking facts regarding our plastic consumption. I was asked to create a soundtrack to go with this experience.


We wanted people to feel uncomfortable and leave with a feeling of “this is not right, I need to make a change”.

Click above to hear a sample of the sound (Please use Chrome for full functionality).

Vivid Sydney runs until 15 June 2019, I encourage those in Sydney to visit and please comment on this blog with the impact the installation had on you.

This Habit/at installation is a collaboration between Cundall, Plenary GroupRichard CrookesOnelight Australia and Top Knot Carpentry.

Imagery Copyright Guy Wilkinson Photography.

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. What an incredible installation! I loved all the bright colours of the bags and spotting the fish. That being said, the installation really gave me the feeling of being underwater surrounded by plastic – a little taste of how the fish must feel!


  2. Went to see this, the sound adds to the mood of this piece!



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