By Bettina Easton

When I joined Cundall in July I was challenged by the directors to add my mark to the Sydney office where I am based.  The Sydney office is not the most conventional office space with a double height reception area that has sky lights allowing the space to be flooded with natural daylight.

I saw this space as an opportunity to display ‘Under my Umbrella’, a light installation that was originally part of Vivid in 2017, and had just returned from Frankfurt, Germany where it had been included in the Light + Building, Xicato Stand.

larraine-mThe result is a dramatic yet fun entrance to the office. The lights are programmed to turn on at 4:00 pm and switch off at 8:00 pm, while a phone app or wireless switch allows users to set programmed lighting displays that can be used during events hosted at the office.

It has been a great talking point with visitors to the office and our Sydney staff love it.  My Light4 colleagues in Manchester have commented that umbrellas are more appropriate for their city, especially as it was installed when NSW was declared in a drought!

Light4 is a diverse and passionate collection of award-winning lighting designers from a vast array of backgrounds. For information about how Light4 can add value to your project,  please visit our website or contact us.

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Bettina Easton, Lighting Design


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