Feb 12, 2019

Diploma launch

By Natalie Groves

As we open the Cundall Diploma up to new registrations, we’ve asked some of our current participants, who are graduating next month, to give us their thoughts on the course. Amie Shuttleworth, who is part of the Diploma development team, has also wrote about the next steps of the Diploma and the development it’s gone through over the past couple of years.

Amie Shuttleworth – Global Director of Sustainability – Hong Kong

“The first cohort of Cundall Diploma participants will graduate successfully in the next month.  This is a massive achievement (and effort) for both the participants and those providing the course content and management.  Alongside running the programme we have been looking at how the Diploma will evolve and develop going forward.

We are now launching the refreshed Cundall Diploma which will commence on the 1st of March with applications opening on the 1st of February. The aim of the diploma hasn’t changed, it is designed to give participants the technical knowledge and the confidence to challenge conventional thinking and to drive Cundall’s success in delivering sustainable solutions. However, with feedback from the participants, it is now 1 year in length (instead of 2 years), and we have tailored modules around our 6 major impacts in our roadmap, still keeping it holistic but more relevant to the work we do at Cundall. ”

James Wild – Engineer, Critical Systems – London

“When I started my career with Cundall and signed up for the Diploma, I thought the course would introduce me to our company’s key values and provide a gateway into starting my career as an engineer. Reflecting upon this, I think the course has achieved that and much more! 

By completing modules that focus on all disciplines of engineering – not just my own – it allows me to take a more holistic approach to the projects I am working on. It has given me an insight into how I can embed sustainability into my everyday work and take this knowledge home and into my community. The diploma has acted as a comprehensive introduction into sustainability which I will now use for development towards technical leadership within the industry and in my progress towards becoming a chartered engineer.”

 Ka-Jin Chan – Engineer, Building Services – Melbourne

“Cundall’s sustainable design training programme presented us with a diverse range of topics, from the conventional energy and natural resources conservation, to something more challenging, such as drafting up a planning and design code for a megalopolis.

The 12 modules that make up the diploma investigates the broad area of sustainability practices by highlighting and addressing current issues at the global, organisational and personal level. It provided us designers the tools to evaluate the pitfalls in existing practices, and produce solutions to resolve social, economic and environmental concerns with a balanced approach.

With my diploma journey nearing completion, I would like to thank the Diploma team, content contributors, review committee and line managers for their time and effort in preparing the programme content and reviewing our work.”

Hannah Brooker – Engineer, Structural – Newcastle

“I chose to participate in the diploma because I’m interested in how the decisions we make when designing buildings impact the world we live in. Over the course of the 12 modules, I have been challenged to think more about aspects of sustainability which are not specific to my role as a structural engineer, allowing me to have a broader understanding of the effect of the whole of the built environment, and the value that Cundall’s multi-disciplinary teams can bring to projects.

It has sometimes been difficult to devote the time necessary to complete the modules to a high standard, especially when other projects have been reaching key stages, however being named as a high achiever in multiple modules has definitely provided enough motivation to complete the assignments in my own time where necessary.

I am looking forward to completing the last of the diploma modules, and getting the chance to celebrate with my colleagues who have also made it all the way through the course, and sharing what we have taken away from the wide range of sustainability topics which we have covered over the last two and a half years.”

Duncan Cox – Partner, Structural – Newcastle

“I’ve been able to apply the knowledge gained in to real conversations about real projects and that’s particularly rewarding when you can see it actually making a difference! 

It’s been hard work but as we approach the end of the process and look forward to graduating, I can say it was worth it and would thank those who put so much energy and enthusiasm in to the creation of this excellent course.”

Maria Papantoni – Graduate Engineer, Sustainability Consultancy – London

“Cundall diploma has been a nice experience during the last two years. All modules were very interesting and offered me knowledge on the wider topics of sustainability. One of my favourite modules was ‘The Future of Cities’ where I explored new technologies that could be implemented to enhance the quality and performance of urban environments. As we approach the end of this course I feel very happy that I managed to make it all the way through. I highly recommend it and I am looking forward to my graduation in March!”

Congratulations to our Cundall Diploma Graduates 2019. To find out more about the diploma, please click here

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