By Joanne Sim

I have recently been part of the internal and external communications of our new sustainability roadmap, One Planet, One Chance. The success of Cundall’s sustainability strategy is for it to not sit within a sustainability department gathering dust, it is to be integrated into everything we do, across all 19 engineering disciplines and our practice support and our 21 global locations.

A key part to Cundall’s new Sustainability Roadmap was the prioritisation of six impacts. So when Cundall launched One Planet, One Chance, we wanted to create videos on each of these impacts.

These videos explain what the impact is and the targets we have set, this is followed by staff from various engineering disciplines, levels of seniority and locations explaining why this impact is important, what is happening in the business to make a difference and provide examples of what we have been doing.

In the six videos, 28 members of staff have contributed, from 10 offices from eight different disciplines and departments.

My favourite part of this process was seeing the passion and the ideas of everyone across the business. Sustainability means different things to different people and these videos show this, they however also show a consistent appetite for making a change and helping Cundall achieve their ambitious targets.

Please watch, comment and hopefully be inspired.


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