Sep 24, 2018

One Planet, One Chance

By Tomas Neeson

Cundall’s mission is to provide great opportunities for our people, to create fantastic built environments and to positively impact our communities. This puts sustainability into the centre of what our purpose is as a business.

Although we recently updated our mission, vision and values, environmental and social responsibility has always been a core part of who we are at Cundall. Our Sustainability Policy, first signed by all Partners in 2009, defines how our business will address sustainability – on our Projects, though Industry Leadership, in our Workplaces and in our own Homes and Communities and is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects the constantly changing market and planet which we inhabit.

In 2012, we developed our first Sustainability Roadmap and One Planet Action Plan, which set ourselves challenging targets to achieve by 2025. Most of our KPIs were focussed on the impact that our workplace has, this has driven us to operate as one of the most sustainable businesses on the planet, even with our exponential growth and expansion of offices. Off the back of this success, and in the context of rapidly changing environmental, social and economic conditions, we took the decision to update our strategy to ensure we are still focussing on the aspects on which we can have maximum impact.

So, we set off to understand the following:

  1. Are our current 2025 targets still challenging enough?
  2. Are we missing any key sustainability aspects that we should now be focussing on?
  3. Where should we prioritise our resources to have the greatest impact?
  4. What is the most effective governance structure to achieve this?

Through workshops with key partners and future leaders of the business, interviews and surveys with our clients and peers, we developed a heatmap identifying the most important impacts on which we should be concentrating our efforts on.

Roadmap 04

Cundall’s Materiality Review Process 


It was agreed that we needed a leadership team to review and approve the new business targets, due to their importance and impact they will have. This group, called ‘SusComm’ (Sustainability Committee) comprises of senior leaders from across the business.

SusCom has analysed and debated all the recommendations – in the context of everything else we are doing as a business and have determined the most significant impacts that we will prioritise until 2025 as being the following:

  1. Climate Positive Action
  2. Zero Carbon Energy
  3. Health & Wellbeing
  4. Materials & Supply Chain
  5. Climate Change Adaptation
  6. Ethics and Equity

We have set stretching business targets for each of the key areas, which are supported by Key Performance Indicators as well as a detailed action plan for how we will achieve them. We will still be reporting against all the One Planet principles but understand that our greatest impacts will come from focusing on these priorities.

Over the coming years, we will focus on delivering change through Our Projects as well as Industry Leadership (sharing knowledge with our industry, Research & Technical Development, Partnerships with key academic institutions, etc), without compromising our commitment to practicing what we preach through our own workplaces.

It’s a very exciting time for Cundall. We are in the midst of a rapidly evolving world, and we believe with this strategy we will remain leaders in our industry. We hope it will help us to win and deliver more meaningful and exciting projects, as well as ensuring our teams work in environments which enhance their health and wellbeing, whilst also being leaders in diversity, inclusion and ethical practices.

To view our Roadmap, One Planet, One Chance please click here.

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