By Madeline Briscoe

We have had a lot to talk about this year on Cundall Conversations, with over 30 blog posts, we’ve discussed topics ranging from harvesting wave energy, the causes of movement in buildings, and the importance of biophilia in promoting a healthy work environment. Topics have reflected our exciting projects as well as our other initiatives. This year we’ve seen a strong emphasis on educating and inspiring future engineers through both our programs and initiatives as well our individual stories.

Thank you to all of our readers and conversation starters for engaging with what’s happening in our industry by creating content for and commenting on Cundall Conversations.

Below are our 10 most popular blogs of 2018 so far.

  1. HR to Engineering (and I lived to tell the tale…) By Julie Verill
  2. The future is female By Carole O’Neil
  3. How to Succeed at our Graduate Assessment Centres By Kieran Thompson
  4. Jim Moore celebrates 25 Years with Cundall
  5. PlanBEE the new Plan A By Rebekah Phillips
  6. Mislaid Emphasis By Alan Fogarty
  7. 10 Things You Need to Know About Modern Slavery By Sean Kahn
  8. Bee in the City – Introducing ‘The Beeholder’ By Liz Skelton
  9. Inspiring the Next Generation By Helen Abernathy
  10. The Lessons I’ve Learnt Along My Way To Become An Engineer By Ozak Esu

We have a number of blogs in the pipeline for 2018, so please subscribe to the blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, to find out when the next conversation has been started.

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