By Liz Skelton

In February 2018 the global art events organisation Wild In Art together with Manchester City Council, launched an exciting appeal for local creatives and communities to get involved with Bee in the City.

In celebration of the ‘Manchester Bee’, and its’ representation of the city and people – the event will scatter over 100 bees in a trail across Manchester. The community are encouraged to come and explore the city and find the decorative bees that have been designed by local artists, and school groups.

Cundall Light4 was keen to get involved with such a unique and interesting event and produced a collaborative bee design entitled ‘Eye of the Beeholder’ or ‘The Beeholder’ for short. The concept takes influence from the three main elements of absence, reflection and vision – together forming the overall narrative of the design: –

The absence of the bee leads us to the declining quality of our world; and the missing link in our chain of existence.

Within the eyes of the bee, you see a reflection of yourself, because… you are Manchester.

A view of the world from a bee’s perspective comes in the form of blue-hues and ultra-violet. Processing colours and light into the blue spectrum gives us an insight into the world through their eyes and allows us to understand their vision.

Light4 approached Manchester-based lighting manufacturer, Whitecroft Lighting to sponsor their designed bee – drawing on their technical expertise to bring about a striking and engaging installation.

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  1. Fabulous Blog Liz and great to be making use of instagram so everyone can follow the build and the buzz of the Bee in the City event.



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