Happy New Year!  The New year is a time to reflect on the previous year’s blog posts, thank our Conversation Starters and all of our readers.

With 43,700 views (20% increase from last year) and 78 new posts, there have been lots of conversations in 2017. Below are the five most popular posts of last year;

A simple guide to the requirements for Firefighting lifts by Graham Barker

Written by our Vertical Transport Director, this blog takes the top spot again. A very hot topic with lots of traffic from search engines. This proves that our specialist engineering services are leading the way in providing the knowledge and expertise to projects around the world.

Transport Planning, where did it all go wrong? By Graeme Low

Graeme discusses the comparison of transport planning in the 60’s to now and how the legacy of motor transport is still a priority, which we are trying to change. Whilst the car is invaluable for certain journeys, sustainable modes of transport can offer viable alternatives.

WELL Standard by Amie Shuttleworth and Melanie Louie

Health and wellbeing is a hot topic in the built environment, with the WELL Building Standard® helping companies to focus on these by providing a benchmark. Amie and Mel explained why this standard is important in Asia, with the increase of diabetes and poor air quality regularly hitting global headlines. After our London office received the first WELL rating in Europe, we have completed more WELL projects including our recent office expansion in Birmingham.

Sustainability no longer a ‘nice to have’ for those on the Asia Stock Exchange by Amie Shuttleworth

Amie discusses the change in legislation across Asia, which mandates non-financial disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance performance of a business and the impact this will have. As a starting point, this will allow sustainability to become an essential part of a company’s external communications.

I didn’t know anything about engineering, now I do, I don’t want to be one by Natalie Groves

Cundall recently launched a volunteering programme, Inspiring the Next Generation, aimed at promoting engineering and increasing the understanding of possible careers in the industry. Natalie writes about an open day with a local girl’s school where on completion, 14 out of the 17 girls that took part said they would now consider a career in engineering.

We have a number of blog posts in the pipeline already for 2018, so please subscribe to the blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, to find out what the next conversation will be….

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