By Farid Mouawad

I joined Cundall’s Birmingham office three months ago, and believe it or not, it feels like I have been working here for years. It did not take me that much time to settle in and get to know everyone in the office.

Usually, when you first join a company or university, you may be nervous and a bit scared. There is also a kind of cultural shock for those away from home, who know very few people. From day one here, everyone in the office made me feel like I was at home and I was ready to be part of this sustainable family. I was lucky enough to start as the shiny new office on the 5th floor was inaugurated, which helped me feel more comfortable.

Get the Balance Right

As a graduate, you may think that all you will be doing is reading through regulations, printing documents, and researching the theory behind your work. That was not the case for me. On day one, I was assigned to do CAD work. Day two, I read through survey and specification reports in preparation for attending a survey on day three and I was then expected to write the report for it the following week. We are here to learn, and the best way to learn is not solely studying the theory, but also delving into the practice of engineering and finding the right balance.

Train hard, play hard

Training is at the core of the graduate program here. There are a lot of events and training sessions to attend. These sessions provide all-round information from professionals working at Cundall and other firms, in different sectors and disciplines.

The training becomes more exciting and fun when you get to meet graduates from other offices. The latest training event happened in the London office on the 14 -15 November. It included quite an interesting program covering aspects of networking, quality assurance, legal works and marketing.

Beyond the simple presentation, we had a design workshop where we worked in teams and tried to summarise the design process of the main MEP services in a high-rise building in a concise and intelligent way. I was impressed not just with the work our team presented, but also the ideas and creativity other teams put into their designs. After the workshop, the MEP and structural graduate teams went to different sites for an opportunity to see how different services are implemented cohesively with each other in a real building.

After the training was done for the day, it was time to socialise. This was a great opportunity for us, as graduates, to go out and catch up on work, interests, and life in general. My assumption was that everyone enjoyed their time as much as I did and the picture proves it.

farid 2

Open opportunity for ideas and talents

Cundall wants everyone to maintain their unique identity while at work. By being flexible in the way you do work, and by giving you the opportunity to propose ideas, solutions and even projects that you want to work on. It is great to see engineers from Cundall receiving awards on a regular basis, which is a definite proof of the support that Cundall provides it’s talent.

All I can say is, I am happy to be at Cundall, and I look forward to seeing me and my graduate colleagues progress to become the next big things in the industry.

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Farid Mouawad, Working at Cundall


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