By Melanie Louie and James Spears

Cundall has wrapped up their Materiality Review (you can read more about it here)

Picking up from where Amie left off with her blog, we are nearing finalisation of our Materiality Review. We presented this to the Partners and relevant stakeholders within our business, who have given their full support and approval of the recommendations of the report.

We could not undertake a materiality without external engagement and feedback, and were fortunate enough to have recently held a session to present our recommendations to Sir Jonathon Porritt, CBE and Cat Hirst from UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) whom we’d like to thank for their participation and counsel.

A Materiality Review is not meant to be an exercise to confirm that you’re already doing the right thing, and we appreciated the honest feedback and fresh perspective. They challenged us to think more expansively and divergently, to not just focus on our operational impacts but to also concentrate on our external impacts where there are significant opportunities, in addition to looking at our internal policies and processes.

Some things that we will be looking at because of their input include:

  • Do we have consistent processes for reviewing the ethics of the projects and clients with whom we engage;
  • What actions can Cundall take to enhance social aspects such as Diversity & Inclusion and ethical bid/no bid procedures (something covered by David Clark in his blog.

We will consider all feedback fully in finalising our report, and this will carry through to the next stages.

We started this journey with a mission to review and refine our long-term sustainability goals, and we believe we are well on our way now that we understand what is important to our business and our clients, and where and how we should focus our energy for the most impact. It was reassuring to observe the successes we had achieved to date, but to deliver the best for our clients and future generations it is essential that we constantly reflect and challenge ourselves.

We recognise that this is just the next step for Cundall and the real objective is to achieve these sustainability goals. This task will take a considerable amount of effort and support, and we have established a governance structure and outlined a strategy so that we can confidently take these crucial next steps to further develop our sustainability strategy and roadmap.

We look forward to sharing our Materiality Review with you in the coming months and will keep you in the loop on this journey.

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