By Emily Hogg

This year’s World Green Building Week has all wrapped up.

Personally, I have only been to three World Green Building Week presentations in my two years at Cundall. This is far fewer than some of the veterans of the business but I’m always impressed by the amount of work that goes into this global event. From the people who create the original content to those who invite the guests and organise the venues to those who pull up their socks on the day to speak, network and represent Cundall at the forefront of green buildings, everyone puts in their all.

This year, the World Green Building Council set the theme, and target, to make all buildings net zero by 2050 in a bid to fight climate change. Cundall took this a step further and based our presentations on becoming net positive. We have already worked on and continue to design projects which generate more energy than they need so we were all excited to share our ideas with our clients to help towards doing this.

The week started off, on Monday morning, I flew to Madrid for their event and the presentations by Hannah Morton and Andrew Thompson in Sydney and Melbourne respectively were already well under way with over 80 people in attendance.

On Tuesday I watched our Madrid presentation, which occurred concurrently with Brisbane, Edinburgh, Perth and Dublin. As these five offices in four countries pulled in over 100 attendees – I watched the Cundall social media accounts pop up with mentions and tweets from around the globe – it was astounding to see the interest people showed both live and online on how we can positively influence our environment.

Wednesday morning, as I arrived back at work in London, Sophie Simpson in Newcastle was presenting to an audience of 45 and on Thursday morning/evening – Cundall took to the stage again as London and Birmingham brought over 90 people through the doors to show their interest and commitment to net positive buildings.

By Friday, I was understandably exhausted, but Manchester started the day with their event and Dubai had gone home for the weekend ready for their turn on Monday evening.

Through the week over 350 people attended Cundall World Green Building Week events in 10 cities with a few more to come.

World Green Building Week is never an easy experience – much like the topics the events cover. It is difficult, complex and usually full of contradicting ideas and opinions but it is well worth the effort.

This year, Cundall talked about net-positive buildings. Through all the events globally, the industry seemed to be positive we can work together to achieve this. As part of our presentation we created a video soon to be released which demonstrated that everything is connected and we need to design cities in collaboration to achieve this.

For more information on World Green Building Week at Cundall, please visit our website.


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