2016 saw the launch of Cundall’s flagship sustainable design training programme, the Cundall Diploma. Designed to educate, inspire and empower Cundall staff in sustainable design, the Diploma has seen some fantastic submissions, and has won industry awards for its innovative approach to sustainability.

As we open the Diploma up to new registrations, we’ve asked some of the current batch of participants to give us their thoughts on the course, why they joined and what they have achieved so far.

Victoria Norris, Senior ESD Consultant, Sydney

My initial reasons for registering for the Cundall Diploma were the interesting range of topics and to challenge myself. As a senior engineer, with more than 5 years since I graduated from university, I was interested in undertaking ongoing professional learning and development.

Having completed 5 modules, I have thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of topics and opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge. The topics have been extremely interesting, and highly relevant to my professional development. I enjoyed contributing through a range of assessments, including essays, reports and short answer questions.

My favourite module was “Reducing energy consumption in buildings”. Conducting an energy audit on my apartment was enjoyable and intriguing, especially comparing the final results to similar residences. I learnt a lot about the performance of my apartment and the impact of certain appliances, which I can apply to my professional work.

During the course of the Cundall Diploma, I was cited as a high achiever for two of the five modules. These positive results have inspired me to further push myself to focus on providing clear, concise and well written assessments.

Overall, through positive reinforcement and interesting modules, the Cundall diploma has inspired me to apply new knowledge and skills to my personal and professional life.

Ola Young, Graduate Engineer, Manchester

Initially I signed up to participate in the Cundall Diploma because I wanted to increase my understanding on subjects that I know will help me make more rounded decisions within my engineering career.

I am currently halfway through the Diploma and can already relate what I am learning within the modules to my work. During the weekend, I have been volunteering with the local canal groups and have used the One Planet Living template to help persuade individuals to acknowledge the greater impact of their decisions and projects, from an environmental and social perspective rather than economic alone.

The Diploma has also given me the opportunity to work with and talk to people from a variety of other offices within Cundall’s global network. This is great as it takes you out of your local normal working environment and makes you feel part of the wider community.

Rebecca Neill, Engineer, Edinburgh

I signed up to the Cundall Diploma to further my knowledge of sustainability. Since joining Cundall, I’ve become more aware of the impact that sustainable design can make in my own discipline (Building Services) and wanted to expand upon that knowledge.

Through taking part in the Cundall Diploma, I’ve not only developed my understanding of my own discipline’s relationship with sustainability, but also have been learning about how other disciplines can improve upon design with sustainability in mind.

The diploma has not only helped to expand my knowledge; it has also granted me the opportunity to work with colleagues from different disciplines across Cundall offices worldwide. I have also got to know colleagues in my own office better; turns out a waste audit is a good opportunity to find out how hysterical some of your colleagues can become!

Duncan Cox, Partner, Newcastle

The Sustainability Diploma has been a really great opportunity to develop my understanding in the area of sustainability.  The breadth of subjects covered and the variety of learning approaches has helped to keep things interesting and it’s been great to have a reason to get to know others from around the global business.

Faiyad Peterson, Senior Engineer, Doha

I signed up for the Cundall Diploma to gain a better understanding of sustainability and how it is linked to Structural Engineering.  As each module goes by, it has made me realise how I could have improved my approach to previous designs.

It has made me realise the importance and benefits of adopting sustainability into engineering applications as well as educating the client on the pros of sustainability. Any person joining the Cundall Diploma will achieve the benefit of the good going forward.

Maria Papantoni, Graduate Engineer, London

The Cundall Diploma has been a great experience so far. The first 5 modules have helped me to broaden my knowledge of sustainability issues such as climate change, pollution and toxicity and embodied impacts of materials. I have enjoyed all modules, especially the One Planet Living module that introduced me to the 10 principles that Cundall has committed to adopt within each project, and helped me to improve my presentation of sustainable initiatives to clients through the Beyond tool.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cundall podcasts and videos, and the suggested reading has been very helpful. My line manager, Simon Wyatt, has been very supportive in giving me time to complete the module and guidance to improve my work. I feel very lucky that I have been given the opportunity to participate in Cundall Diploma as it is the first internal course designed by Cundall and will help me increase my CPD records for registering with CIBSE as a chartered engineer in the future.

To read more about the Cundall Diploma, click here

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