Wednesday 6 September marks the start of Virgin Pulse’s Global Challenge, an annual team-based challenge that aims to improve participants health and wellbeing.

Cundall joins over 400,000 members from 1500 organisations in 185 countries on the challenge which sees participants measure their step count for 100 days. This year, over half of Cundall’s workforce are taking part.

As the challenge kicks off, we asked some of our participants why they are getting involved and what they hope to achieve throughout the challenge.

Although I try to keep fit daily with Davina McCall’s 1 hour exercise DVD, I have signed up for the Global Challenge to build on my fitness and give me more motivation to hit the daily target of 10,000 steps. I have just booked a trip to Canada next year and hope that this will put me in good stead for all of the activities we have planned such as Mountain Biking in the Rockies and a Road Bike ride around the vineyards in British Columbia.

Diane Scrimgeour, Northern Sole, Newcastle

As a sufferer of depression, I’ve found that exercise is the best tool to help keep it at bay. In joining the Global Challenge, I’m hoping that it will remind me to get up and away from my desk on a more regular basis.

Steve McGuigan, Aussie Minnows, Perth

I signed up to the Cundall Global Challenge because I feel like I need to be more active, get fit and get stronger overall. I feel that a brisk walk of 15 minutes coming to and from work is not enough. I have now started doing bootcamp every Sunday, aerial yoga on Wednesday, yoga on Monday, and a bit more youtube yoga at home when I have time. Hopefully by the end of this 100-day challenge, I will be fitter and healthier all around.

Charlotte Lunla-Pickup, Get Carter, Manchester

Due to my busy schedule both due to work and family commitments, I felt that recently I have lost motivation to exercise frequently. From this Virgin Pulse challenge, I aim to achieve more work-life balance. I am looking forward to the friendly competition alongside my colleagues and Cundall internally. I am a strongly believer that regular exercise will sharpen our mind, improve physical health and most importantly reduce the stress levels. “

William Chieng, Singapore Can Lah!, Singapore

I love competition, but I also thoroughly enjoy participating in a team and helping each other with obstacles and challenges. I think this will create new and strengthen old work relationships through weekend activities such as bushwalking, cycling and running.

Victoria Norris, Holey Walkamolies, Sydney

After an amazing time celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary it’s time to get fit again. Looking forward to team spirit of encouragement, competition and most of all fun!

Mandi Moore, It’s Tough in the Desert, Dubai

My main reason for joining the global challenge is to break my daily routine and get back in shape. I have been trying to be fit and workout more for quite a while but there wasn’t enough time and motivation. Hopefully, the global challenge will motivate me to workout and maybe reduce smoking.

Jamal Bachour, It’s Tough in the Desert, Dubai

Watch this space for more updates on how we get over the next 100 days.

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