By Joanne Sim

It’s half way through 2017 and we have already published 40 blog posts this year with topics including airport acoustics, inspiring future generations, flooding in the UK and our managing partner’s views on Women in Engineering.

We have also welcomed some guest bloggers from outside Cundall, if you would like to contribute please contact your local Cundall office.

Below are our ten most popular blogs in 2017 so far. Numbers 1 and 3 were published in 2016, however are still performing strongly:

  1. A simple guide to the requirements for Firefighting Lifts By Graham Barker
  2. Transport Planning, where did it all go wrong?! By Graeme Low
  3. Sustainability no longer a nice to have for those on the Asia stock exchange By Amie Shuttleworth
  4. WELL Standard By Amie Shuttleworth and Melanie Louie
  5. Designing for health and wellbeing By Simon Wyatt
  6. The formula for being funny By Emma Kent
  7. The ‘Radical’ Housing White Paper By Samantha Curtis
  8. Much better than a short drop loo By Stephen Dixon
  9. Things I would tell my 16-year-old self Part 2 By Ruth Best
  10. Good news for South Australian businesses By Nick Stokoe

We have a number of blog posts in the pipeline for the rest of 2017, so please subscribe to the blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, to find out when the next conversation has been started!

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