By Darren Wood

The recent tragic event that took place on the Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd March 2017 will long live in the memory of the people of London, the UK and across the globe. We think of the loss of the five victims of the attack, the many injured and those individuals at the scene and the families who are affected.

Shortly following the event, an update was given by the Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Lucy D’Orsi (Senior National Coordinator Protect and Prepare). This security update to London businesses included guidance on what the wider business community can do to work together to protect London and other UK cities in the future.

Following the attack, the support from businesses in the area and throughout the UK has been critical in responding to and investigating the events. This ranged from providing reception centres for victims, places to interview witnesses, and providing good quality CCTV images to enable the investigation to move forward quickly. It is worth noting that the incident lasted 82 seconds and CCTV footage in the local area provide a “clear chronology” of the events.

Businesses are being asked to consider the following actions which may help protect London and all other UK towns and cities from future terrorist attacks:

  • Review your security and identify where your vulnerabilities are
  • Consider the installation of CCTV and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, (if appropriate)
  • Ensure that your CCTV is working correctly, that the images recorded are of a good quality and can be provided to the police to assist a criminal investigation
  • Review your response and recovery plans
  • Test and exercise your plans
  • Make sure that your business can respond and has a continuity plan
  • Ensure that your staff know how and are encouraged to report suspicious activity
  • Ensure security and front of house staff attend a Project Griffin CT Awareness presentation and managers attend an Operation Argus table top exercise

There is a great deal businesses can do to be prepared and respond to a terrorist incident.

Cundall’s Security consultancy team has a team of Security experts that can assist and advise our customers in all aspects of the guidance actions above. Please get in touch if we can be of service.

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