By Natalie Warne

On Saturday 25th March, I will be turning off my lights as part of the WWF’s Earth Hour.

Alongside millions of others, I will switch off for what is the world’s largest demonstration of support for action on climate change. The campaign aims to raise awareness of climate change and encourage those involved to consider the changes they can make to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Monday 8th August 2016 marked the day in which we used an entire year’s worth of resources. As the date gets earlier every year (read Alan Fogarty’s blog, Overshoot day – the world is in the red), we are living on borrowed resources from future generations. So, whilst it is encouraging to know that many people are working together to take a stand, there is so much more that we can do.

Here are some of our previous blogs which will help guide you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

How LEDs can save energy and money by Stuart Graham

Stuart writes about how swapping light bulbs for LEDs will save you money and reduce your energy consumption.

Meat Free Week by Amie Shuttleworth

Amie writes about her meat free diet for the week and the positive impact this has on health and carbon footprint.

Sustainability gets personal by Duncan Cox

Duncan Cox has written a series of blogs about sustainability in the home as part of the Cundall Diploma. In his second blog, Duncan shares his tips on how to improve sustainability from thermal curtain linings to solar panels.

Cycle to Work Day

Each year we encourage our employees to take part in Cycle to Work Day to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Read entries from our cyclists about the benefits of cycling to work.

Please join me, and millions of others around the world, in turning off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 25th March.

Learn more about Cundall’s Sustainability services here.

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