By Melanie Louie

As part of a survey we had conducted in our office, a number of people in our office had commented that they wished their chairs were a little more comfortable.

To find more ergonomic chairs for our staff, we turned to the WELL Building Standard to find out what criteria our chairs should meet.  In the end, we  picked some great chairs which are very adjustable,  comfortable and also low emission and PVC free.

Hong Kong has extremely limited land resource, and the landfills are struggling to manage all the waste with speculation that they will be full before the end of this decade. We did not want to contribute to the problem, so had to think about how we could prevent these chairs going to landfill.

Cundall is also a One Planet Company, and as part of our targets we look to reduce consumption, re-use and recycle to achieve zero waste and zero pollution.

The old chairs were given a second chance at life through the help of The Crossroads Foundation, a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation. They take in superseded goods in Hong Kong and redistribute them to people in need.

After we said goodbye to our old chairs, we sent them off to the Crossroads warehouse, where they will be sent to someone in need in Hong Kong or somewhere else around the world.

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Melanie Louie, Sustainable Cundall


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