By Duncan Cox

I took a photo of the back of my house with Cundall’s thermal camera and tweeted the photo not really knowing what it meant. The roof insulation looked okay but the walls and ground floor windows / patio doors looked warm. I got a comment about how bad it looked and next thing I know I was challenged to write something about what I’m doing about it – thanks, you know who you are!

I still probably wouldn’t have started this but it coincided with the second module on the Cundall Diploma which is a Cundall initiative to embed and develop sustainability knowledge across the business.

It’s quite an undertaking with 12 modules and this will only be number two but this part of the Cundall Diploma looks at making an energy plan for your home or office so I figured if I can work something out that’s practical and might save some energy and share the experience with someone else in the same boat then why not.

I’ve been interested in Sustainability in its widest sense for years both in work and my private life. At home I started to replace our lights with LEDs when they first arrived and still have the ‘test-bed’ in our kitchen where I tried a variety of the recessed spot GU50 bulbs (lamps as my electrical colleagues would call them). When we did the extension we got some LED feature lights and we’ve therefore replaced practically all our lights with LED. The Wickes lights are great in some ways – cost effective but probably not to everyone’s taste. More pictures to follow next time.

The point of the energy improvement plan was:

Understand where we are now,

Understand how we compare with others,

Understand where the likely sources of energy consumption

Then dig in to how we might improve things.

So the journey begins…next blog coming soon.


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