Happy New Year!  New year is a time to reflect on the previous year’s events and also thank all of our readers.

With 34,700 views (40% increase from last year) and 69 new posts, there has been lots of conversations started. Below are the five most popular posts of 2016.

1. A simple guide to the requirements for Firefighting Lifts By Graham Barker

Drafted by our Vertical Transport Director, this is a very hot topic with lots of traffic from search engines, proving that our specialist engineering services provide the knowledge and expertise to projects around the world.

2. WELL Standard By Amie Shuttleworth and Melanie Louie

Health and Wellbeing is a hot topic in the built environment. With the WELL Building Standard® helping companies around providing a benchmark. Amie and Mel explain why this standard is important in Asia with the increase in diabetes and the poor air quality that hits the global headlines on a regular basis.  Cundall’s London office has just received the first WELL rating in Europe, so keep your eye out for new blogs on how we achieved this and what challenges you may face.

3. Everyone wants the best for their children By Joanne Sim

Drafted by our Marketing Manager while on maternity leave, Joanne shared how she was fortunate to be able to provide for her baby while others in the world could not and organised a sweepstake to raise money for the Every Piece Matters scheme.

4. No animals were hurt in the making of this team day By David Clark

Lots of other bloggers liked this post which explained why we cut out meat during a leadership team day. David did a simple calculation showing the reduction in the ecological footprint by going vegetarian during lunch and vegan at dinner time.

5. How to contribute to a more transparent world through the JUST program By Hannah Morton

Following our successful completion of the JUST Social Justice Label process for the Australian business, Hannah shared her experience and why other companies should consider doing this.

We have a number of blog posts in the pipeline already for 2017, so please subscribe to the blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, to find out when the next conversation has been started!

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