By Joanne Sim

OK I have a confession, after nine years working for Cundall, our projects have become like celebrities to me.

As a member of the marketing team I spend my days writing about projects, listening to the clever things our engineers have designed, choosing the best pictures, highlighting its features. I feel like I know them without seeing them. So when I do see them, it feels quite special. For example I got very excited while sightseeing in London when I saw the Wellcome Trust Building and I recorded both the London and Rio Olympics to get to see our canoe courses in action.

So when we decided to book my favourite Cundall project for one of our 40th Birthday events, I was first to volunteer to be one of the Cundall hosts for the evening.

It was South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), a project that if you read any Australian building related magazine you will probably recognise (For example- Architecture AU, Archdaily and Fifth Estate). It is so photogenic! In fact the banner of this website is SAHMRI.

So, what was it like meeting my celebrity?

Well it lived up to my expectations, both from afar, and within the building it looked amazing, definitely a landmark in Adelaide.

Although the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (Another Cundall project) is being constructed next door, this building really holds its own. When we approached in a taxi I was very impressed.

Day, dusk and night that beautiful facade was stunning. The sunset looked great through the grid.


And it was not just the facade, I also got to see evidence of the LEED Gold rating, there was a dashboard in reception showing the performance of various areas of the building.


The building is also housing some amazing medical research which will hopefully change people’s lives.


Selfie with my “celebrity”

 So, yes it met and exceeded my expectations and was a great venue for a successful event.


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