Sep 14, 2016

Cycle to Work Day

This year Cundall is encouraging employees to dust off their bikes, pump up their tyres and take part in Cycle to Work Day taking place Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Cycle to Work Day is a national event which aims to encourage everyone to take to two wheels and cycle to work for at least one day. According to the census data, 741,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly – this number continues to grow steadily and by joining initiatives like Cycle to Work Day, we are aiming to help those numbers skyrocket this year and beyond!

We are linking the activity to our “40,000 at 40” campaign and we have pledged to make a donation to each office’s nominated local charity for every mile cycled. As we have blogged before, we have many keen cyclists across the practice. Here are some of the reasons why they commute by bike:

“I cycle to work because I actually enjoy riding. It’s the quickest way to get around London, saves me money, keeps me fitter and is ecological. I can’t bear the thought of being squashed on a train/tube every day!” Momo Hoshijima, Senior Acoustics Consultant, London.

“Reasons I ride:

1)      Keeps me fit and wakes me up in the morning

2)      Cheaper, easier and more enjoyable than driving or public transport

3)      Good for the environment”

Guy Bartlett, EDS Consultant, Perth.

“I cycle to work because it is cheap, quick and lets me get some exercise. I live and work in London and my cycle is 30 minutes door to door, the equivalent journey on public transport would be at least 45 minutes and cost over £1,500 per year. I have a hybrid bike that cost about £300 10 years ago.

The best thing about my cycle is the sightseeing. I live by the river in South West London and work by the river by St Paul’s Cathedral. This means that as I cycle along the river (a nice flat journey) I pass the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the Tate Britain, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye amongst many others. The worst thing is the very cold winter mornings where I try to balance having enough clothing to stop me freezing against so much that there is too much drag from the strong winds. On cold, wet winter mornings when I am psyching myself up to get on the bike I just think of the number of people coughing and sneezing as they pack themselves onto the Tube. The bike still wins every time.” Jonnie Allen, Marketing Director, London.

“First things first, I cycle because I love it. It is easier for me to take the train or drive but it is nowhere near the feeling of freedom and relaxation from cycling. If I have cycled to work I feel more alert and have more energy through the day and I know that little treat of cake at lunch won’t matter. Last year I bought the cheapest bike I could find to see how long it would last, I spent £75 on it. So far it has worked faultlessly and is still going strong a year on, so you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy cycling. I have to point out that I am lucky when it comes to cycling into work. Where I live as I can cycle the 8 miles to work mainly on gravel tracks and canal tow paths and hardly see any cars.” Chris Biggs, Senior Acoustics Technician.

“Cycling to work is awesome, I’m pretty lucky, our office is right next to the harbour bridge so every day I get to ride over the bridge and look at the harbour. On a sunny day there is nothing better than riding the bike over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On top of that I feel way better, more alert and happier starting each work day after I have ridden in, as opposed to catching public transport. Even though the bike lanes in Sydney aren’t awesome in I would still recommend people riding into work.” Chris Mann, ESD Consultant, Sydney.

“I usually cycle into work two or three times a week. It’s only a couple of miles so I just cycle in my work clothes which means I don’t have to bother with showering and changing at the office, but I generally avoid cycling in the rain as a result. Cycling is the quickest way for me to get to work, and it has the added bonus of being free and better for the environment. It’s also an easy way to fit a bit more exercise into my day, and I definitely arrive at work feeling more awake when I cycle.

If you want to start cycling to work, start by spending a bit of time figuring out the best route (use cycle paths and bike lanes as much as possible), make sure your bike is in decent condition before you set off, and bring a pump and spare inner tube so you don’t get stranded if you get a puncture. Invest in a decent lock to keep your bike safe once you get to work, and lights for dark mornings/evenings. Always wear a helmet, and be aware that pedestrians and cars might not always do what you expect them to. That might sound like a lot to think about, but it’s pretty simple, and once you’ve got it figured out, it’s a much more enjoyable way of getting to work.”  Hannah Brooker, Graduate Structural Engineer, Newcastle.

“You could just get the bus. You could have another 15 minutes in bed. You haven’t packed your bag. Hmm, maybe the weather might turn. Come on, you said you’d do it… the first few pedal strokes are always the hardest, watching other people pass you in cars, sat on the bus drinking their coffees… Then you begin to warm up, you’re actually feeling pretty fit, you watch the sun rise and take in your surroundings. You pull off the road onto the section of cycle track, away from the congestion and stress of commuting. You arrive to work on a high, having had a better workout than if you’d spent your lunch hour in the gymn, and even better you’ve done so in the fresh air rather than in a sweaty room listening to pop music. The work day begins, someone’s brought in cake for their birthday and you can enjoy it guilt free (maybe a second slice?), and the work day ends. People go back to their traffic jams. You hop on your bike and pedal home, exercise time – you channel your inner Wiggins/Trott and try and beat your PB! You have some mindfulness time as well, your stress leaves you behind and you have time to reflect. You get home and check the weather, it’s looking ok tomorrow…  “James Spears, Principal Engineer, Edinburgh

For more information about Cycle to Work Day please click here and to find out what else Cundall is doing to mark its 40th anniversary, please see our website.

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