By Chloe Agg

Picture the scene, it’s a frosty but bright January morning in 2016, perfect for an idyllic family walk in the park. Our 2 year old daughter is just getting to grips with her balance bike and my husband and I are walking happily beside her. As she gets more confident our daughter picks up the pace, and soon she’s way ahead, looking gleeful but out of control. Parental fear strikes & I pick up the pace to catch her, but 50 metres on I find I can’t keep it up. Thankfully my husband can and all is well, except for the nagging doubt left in me that had she been in real trouble I couldn’t have been there fast enough to help. That was where all this began.

A week later I was reading the Colmore Business District newsletter and there was an advert for a beginners running group who were going to do the Couch to 5k. Knowing I had to do something about my fitness or risk watching my daughter run or cycle off alone, I signed up. It was a big deal for me, I’m not at all fit. I’ve spent my entire life finding excuses not to run or exercise; even as early as primary school I would find ways of getting out of P.E. on cross country days! Never the less, on February 2nd 2016 I turned up at the beginners running session, and for twenty minutes we alternated between 60 seconds of slow jogging & 90 seconds of brisk walking. I’d started my journey. The journey has been tough, but since that first day I haven’t stopped, I have trained every week, usually 3 times a week. I’ve been to a Parkrun, run late in the evenings with a head torch and a friend, slogged round the park alone before my daughter is aake, even run on holidays whilst all my friends were relaxing.

To inspire me to achieve my 5k goal I signed up to do the 5 kilometre Coventry Colour Dash with friends…which somehow then lead to me signing up to do the 5 mile JCB Mud Run with colleagues. All of which somehow, and I’m still not quite sure how this happened, lead to me entering a competition to win a place in the Nepal Marathon. Stunningly I won that place so now my long suffering husband and I are training for a marathon.

Now, I want to make all that hard work mean something to more than just me. I want to use my new found running powers for good, and do some charity fundraising. So now I have to stretch myself even further to make it worth your while sponsoring me. So, from not being able to run even 50m at the start of 2016, between 26th November 2016 (the date of the marathon) and 26th November 2017, I plan to run 1000 miles. It’s going to be relentless, it’s going to wear out shoes and create blisters, but; with your support if you’re kind enough to offer it, the pain, time and effort will all be worth it.

The charity I am choosing to support with every step of those 1000 miles (and that will be over 2 million steps!) is Global Action Nepal. They are committed to developing the education system over there, ensuring that all children can access education. They’re also ensuring that the schools and resources they provide, and the teachers they train are also committed to supporting gender equality. Following the recent earthquakes they’ve also provided over 3000 tents and blankets to those in need and many temporary learning centres so that even amidst utter disaster they can continue supporting education. If they can manage that, I must be able to run 1000 miles, and if I can do that, imagine what you can do!

To read more about my challenge please click here and if you would like to make a donation please visit my fundraising page.

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