By Joanne Sim

A couple of months ago, whilst heavily pregnant, I was listening to a presentation by my colleague Alistair Coulstock who had recently returned from a trip to Cambodia to build a school.

Phrases like “forced to use a loan shark to pay for emergency maternity hospital fees”, “exuberant interest makes it impossible to pay off debt”, “traffick their daughters to pay off their debt” and “traffickers selling a child’s virginity” broke my heart.

As a parent you want the best for your children and I’m lucky enough to be able to provide this. Through no fault of their own many families in Cambodia can’t. I had spent the previous evening researching the best baby bouncer and worrying which one to get, talk about first world problems. Of course, I felt the need to help in a small way.

So I decided to support RawImpact’s next initiative, Every Piece Matters, organising an office sweepstake, with colleagues guessing my impending baby’s weight and birthday.

Every piece matters

The Cambodian Government have announced a bridge to join Phnom Penh with Gunty’s Island. This will force the relocation of 100 families currently living in slums. Every Piece Matters is about providing land for families so RawImpact can bring safe housing, primary education for children, rescue from debt slavery and provide steady jobs for Mum and Dad.

For every $5,000AUD raised, one family can live on their own land.

As part of Cundall’s 40th Birthday Celebrations, we have pledged to raise the money to buy a plot of land for the Seng Family.

Seng Thong is a widower with three children, two of whom attend second grade at the public school, the youngest of which is disabled and lives with an NGO. He is grieving for his wife, who tragically passed away a few months ago. “I don’t have a purpose and goal in life,” he shares through a translator, “but I worry for my children’s future”. He tries to find work as a handyman, but it isn’t steady, and he is in over $250 of debt.

Seng Family

Seng family 

Congratulations and Thank you!

Congratulations to Iris in our Sydney office and Stella in our Adelaide office who guessed the birth date and weight correctly respectfully.

Thank you from myself and my lovely daughter Eleanor, for helping us raise $150. If anyone would like to donate to the cause you can easily do this using the link below.

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