By Amy Young

When you imagine a naturally ventilated office in a country like Australia, you probably envisage a light breeze flowing past your face as you gaze out onto a view of the ocean whilst the sun sets on another day of work. You’d be forgetting that at the height of summer, Perth, in Western Australia, can hit over 45°C. Other than that – the Cundall Perth office isn’t far off!

In all honesty, the sweltering heat at the height of the summer is a small price to pay for a life of year-round outdoor activities; strolls to remote waterfalls; pre-work surfs; dolphins swimming past you in the river as you walk to work and all the beach time you could wish for!

Having recently moved back to London and into Cundall’s Saffron House office from Perth, it is certainly no small exaggeration to say that the contrast between the two is vast. Centrally located in the heart of Perth Central Business District and only a five minutes’ walk from the beautiful Swan River, the office is located in a small heritage building and has been fitted out with 100% recycled and reclaimed furniture. There are plants on every desk, the desks are made from doors and the plant pots from old oil drums. The small team (we were seven people whilst I was there – grown from two when the office opened in 2010) is welcoming and great fun to work with. On those particularly hot days it was difficult to say ‘no’ to a lunch time ice cream or a post-work beer in one of the many pop-up beer gardens that the city plays host to as part of an arts festival; beer festival or such like.

Perth itself is a city in the midst of an incredible transition. The recent mining boom has injected a significant amount of money into the city and consequently development is rising rapidly and bringing with it a very different demographic. During my time in the city, the number of bars, restaurants and hipster cafes almost trebled and competition is so high that the quality of the produce is incredible. And when you’ve gotten too carried away at that riverside pub on a Friday night, what better way to clear out the cobwebs than exploring the surrounding areas? Amongst my favourite weekend activities were trips to waterfalls, hikes up mountains, wine tasting and mini golf in the local wine region or packing up the car and driving to a national park for a camping trip with an Esky full of beer and BBQ dinners.

Being home after four years is a great feeling, but I’ve not yet torn myself away from subscribing to Instagram feeds such as ‘Perth Breakfast’, ‘Amazing WA’ and ‘Explore Perth’ (seriously, give them a look if I haven’t painted enough of a picture!) and it’s difficult not to miss the close-knit team of Cundalites; the weekend adventures, the weather and incredible breakfasts.

I would urge everyone to give living away from home a go if the time is right and Perth is an amazing location to do such a thing – just don’t post your breakfast or beach photos on social media, otherwise I’ll be very jealous.

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  1. A big thank you to Amy and her work her in Perth.
    It is sunny here almost every day now until May.



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