By Guy Hopkins

Last week the Australian acoustics team took a chosen few down to Sydney University’s anechoic chamber, made possible with six packs as an incentive. The motive was not just to test their mental strength locked in the chamber with the lights off, but to record some of Cundall Sydney’s finest voices.

So why throw all these people in the anechoic chamber and record them knowingly/unknowingly?

Guy in Chamber

Guy Bartlett in anechoic chamber

The reason for this exercise was to record simulated office based conversations/scenarios from sound sources untainted by room acoustics. Hence the anechoic (free from echo) chamber. The recordings can then be implemented into 3D acoustic modelling software, from which we can produce auralisations to present to clients.

Future clients will be able to hear what these recordings sound like in different scenarios, helping them make the right acoustic decision.  After all you would not choose to buy a perfume without smelling it first, why choose an acoustic option without hearing it?

Details of the recordings:

The volunteers, Darshan Parekh, Guy Bartlett, Iris Chan and Zoe Neill took part in the three scenarios, which involved the following:

  1. Solo recital of ‘one world’ spoken at varying loudness:
    1. At a normal conversation level.
    2. Raised voice.
    3. Shouting (they seemed to like this one best).
  2. Hands free phone conversation, simulation between an engineer and client.
  3. Group conversation, simulating a meeting.


To hear the final product a sample anechoic recording along with its implementation into acoustic modelling software is provided below. This is a typical delivery format along with a written report that is presented to the client.

For demonstration purposes I thought it would be a good idea to provide an example of an event space.


3D rendering of the example event space

Sample recordings:

(Please use Chrome to listen as some versions of Internet Explorer will not play audio)

Anechoic recording

Untreated Event space

Acoustically treated event space


Can you hear the difference?

To find out more about how Cundall’s acoustic team can help you with your next project go to 

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  1. The “Untreated Event Space” file didn’t work for me…


  2. Hi Mel, sorry you are having problems. In some versions of Internet Explorer Audio is not working correctly. If you have access to Chrome, this should solve your problem.



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