By Joanne Sim

This time last year, we launched this knowledge sharing blog, Cundall Conversations. The aim of the blog was to have conversations with others within the construction industry from building owners, to occupants and the wider community.

It was something I was particularly passionate about making work, as Cundall has a wide range of experts in various fields and is doing some great initiatives that I wanted to share with the world.  I am pleased to say it has been a success, below is an infographic demonstrating the success in numbers, both in the reach this blog has had and the amount of content that has been created.


The blog has been getting more and more popular each month with October achieving over 4,000 views and 722 individual visitors and I hope this trend will continue. The more content on the site results in more people reaching our site through search engines and social media.  We have had blogs covering subjects such as Acoustic Engineering,  Building services engineeringIT and Audiovisual, Sustainable Design, and working at Cundall to name but a few.

It has also been great to see an increase in people approaching the marketing team with ideas on subjects they would like to blog about. A special thanks to all the conversation starters and all our readers from around the world, long may its success continue!

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Joanne Sim, Marketing and Business Development