Nov 1, 2015

Garage Sale Trail

By Joanne Sim

Last month Cundall’s Sydney office hosted a Garage Sale as part of the nationwide Garage Sale Trail with all proceeds going towards building a school in Cambodia.

We had a good sort through our office and asked staff to donate any unwanted items from home, so we could sell them to a great second home. I was amazed the variety and number of items people brought in to sell!  We had clothes, knick knacks, electrical goods, cushions, shoes, the list goes on and on.

As this was part of the Garage Sale Trail, our sale was promoted on their website, while we spread the word ourselves with posters around Milsons Point, where our office is located.

So why did we do this?

Cundall is a One Planet Company and follow the 10 One Planet Living Principles, which include;

Zero Waste
This means reducing waste and re-using items where possible. The ultimate goal is to send zero waste into landfill.

Did you know Australia comes second only to the US for the highest waste to landfill rate in the world? We can all reduce the waste we generate by giving our old things a second life through programs like Garage Sale Trail or in second-hand stores like Vinnies Charity Shop and The Salvation Army.

But zero waste isn’t the only good thing about recycling, reusing old items is about saving in other ways.

  • Jeans – If every garage sale this year sold one pair of jeans, the Garage Sale Trail would save enough water to fill over 3,000 backyard swimming pools.
  • Aluminium – By selling an old bike to a neighbour instead of throwing it away, enough energy would be saved to power a laptop for an entire year.
  • Surfboards – For every three surfboards sold on the Garage Sale Trail, an entire year’s worth of an average household’s carbon emissions will be saved.
  • Computer- Reusing one computer saves 1,500kg of water — about the same weight as a rhinoceros.
  • Vase – Buying a secondhand vase can save enough energy to run a computer for 30 minutes — double the time it takes to register for the Garage Sale Trail.
  • LEGO – Reusing seven sets of LEGO would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for a year.

Culture And Heritage (includes supporting Charities)

Cundall, in partnership with UNSW and RAWImpact, is designing and building a Cambodian primary school located in Kampong Speu province, an hour and a half south-west of Phnom Penh. Cundall’s Alistair Coulstock is not only coordinating the trip and helping run the course at the UNSW, he is also travelling out to Cambodia in January to build the school.

Building a school requires funds and while Alistair himself is raising money, we decided to contribute, donating the proceeds of our Garage Sale to this cause.

On The Day

Thanks to the support of both our staff and people in Milson’s Point, we had a reasonable amount of people browsing our items and visiting our sale. By the end of the day we managed to raise over $300 which will be further boosted by selling a few of the larger items not sold on the day through Gumtree.  To keep with the spirit of giving items a second chance, all other items have been donated to Vinnies charity shop.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time on a Saturday, who donated items and who bought items.

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