By Alan Fogarty

As part of World Green Building Week this year, we hosted a number of workshops to discuss various ways we can reduce our ecological footprint. Before the event we asked our guests to take part in a simple survey by Bioregional to calculate how many planets they currently use.

Go to to take part.

My own personal footprint is 3.5 which is higher than the UK average of three.

The advantage of doing this survey is that it explains what aspects of your lives has the biggest impact and tips on how to reduce the number of planets you use based on your answers. Below are some of the comments from the guests that attended our global events:

“I did not realise meat was so bad” Perth, Australia

“I ran the survey living here and living in the UK, interestingly here was 3.2 earths as opposed to the UK at 4.2.” Singapore

“My key negative is the amount of time spent traveling by car.” Newcastle, UK

“The survey did not consider whether you bought green energy.” Sydney, Australia

As a business, Cundall has a number of sustainable initiatives on projects and in our offices but we are not doing enough. There will be more announcements later in the year about things that we can all do to help, so watch this space.

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  1. My footprint was 2.7 which is high, especially as I walk to work, don’t own a car and try to recycle. I do still eat meat which I know I must still cut down.



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