By Alan Fogarty

As part of World Green Building Week this year, we hosted a number of workshops all over the world to discuss various ways we can reduce our ecological footprint. One of the elements of the presentation was the impact food has on the environment and how making changes to your diet can have an impact on your ecological footprint.

This may be a strange thing for Cundall, who are consulting engineers to talk about, however at Cundall we are passionate about every aspect of sustainability including helping our staff and clients live a more sustainable life.

Below is a great poster, which shows how the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) of twenty common foods compare.


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  1. What does that table actually show, seems very misleading? No mention of greenhouse gas emissions caused by livestock farming? Surely something like milk would be very much worse than rice.


  2. The table is not definitive as the actual carbon content of anything depends on so many different factors.

    The purpose it to get people thinking about what they eat in terms of carbon and challenge them to reduce this. While this is not easy, we know local sourced seasonal food is likely to be the lowest carbon and therefore a good start. Furthermore less meat in our diet is also likely to be healthier and less carbon, assuming the alternative is suitably appetising.

    We are engineers and not dietary experts. This is a start of a journey for us and are learning as we go.



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Alan Fogarty, Sustainable Cundall


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