By Jonnie Allen

Last week we welcomed around 200 guests to 10 events across the globe. The focus was on how we all need to do more and our marketing team was part of this, with various ideas to make our events a bit greener, here are a few examples;

  1. Support social enterprises, Melbourne
    Our catering was sourced from ASRC Catering who is a non-for-profit social enterprise of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who offer global food experiences with a cause. Their food is locally sourced from Victorian farmers from in and around 100km radius of the Melbourne CBD, and organic where possible. All dishes are also animal and cruelty-free.
    Lis Kennish
  1. Use a venue and serve drinks that support local small businesses, Manchester
    We hosted our event in Cyclefit Manchester a recently opened Cycle shop in a beautiful Grade II Listed Yarn Mill in the Northern Quarter. The building was occupied in 1905 by umbrella manufacturers and the Belgian and Congo Free States Consulate.The venue also helped encourage cycling. As this was an evening event we also provided delicious local Manchester beer from the Marble Brewery.
    Charlotte Lunla-Pickup
  1. Plant a seed, Birmingham
    Those who attended one of our events in the UK, Spain and Australia, received a free packet of plants or carrot seeds (plants or carrots) that encourage bees and other insects. We felt that as we were talking about lots of things that people could do to make a difference we would give them something so that they could take the first step. For further information go to
    Helen Freed
  1. Nothing disposable, Madrid
    Waste to landfill is a huge problem, so we avoid using disposable plates or cups for our catering. This means everything is washed and reused diverting a significant amount of waste from landfill. Also in the Edinburgh office they used biodegradable cups and cutlery made by vegware.
    Audrey Martin
  1. Go veggie! Perth
    Meat contributes significantly to individuals footprint, we therefore asked our caterers for 100% vegetarian platters. There were empty platters all round after the event with no guests asking where the meat option was.
    Joanne Sim
  1. Avoid Printing, London
    We no longer use paper feedback forms at any of our events, instead sending an online form after the event. This save paper and makes it easier for the marketing team to collate the results.
    Eric Rugundu

The team are always looking to hear ideas on how they can reduce the impact of their events, please add comments.

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Audrey Martin, Eric Rugundu, Joanne Sim, Jonnie Allen, Marketing and Business Development, Sustainable Cundall


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