By Joanne Sim and Audrey Martin

If you have attended one of our World Green Building Week events in the UK, Spain and Australia, you should have received a free packet of plants or carrot seeds that encourage bees and other insects.

Why this gift? Bee-cause

If our native bees die out we will lose a third of our diet. Bees are essential in pollinating the crops that form our food. Without bees, the very fabric of our lives will change considerably. We wanted to join the global effort to help save the honey bee from the various threats of disease and human habitation.

We can all do our bit for honeybees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects by growing the sort of plants and flowers they love – so every guest was given a packet of seeds and asked to plant them.

Urban bee keeping

Our London office is part of the urban bee keeping “club”, we have around 25,000 bees on our outside terrace living in two white wooden bee hives. We sell the honey to our staff, with the 70 jars produced last years selling out very fast. Click here to hear more about our experience.

Meanwhile, our Australian office sourced the seeds from Rooftop Honey who install, maintain and care for the honey bee by using natural beekeeping methods across Melbourne. Their plan is to put beehives on rooftops (or gardens) in the city and each and every suburb of Melbourne. They have a great online store with seeds, locally produced honey and beeswax, with the money from this supporting their great initiative.

We are hoping that those who received the seeds will send pictures of their beautiful flowers with bees buzzing around them by emailing or tweeting @cundall_global.

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Audrey Martin, Joanne Sim, Marketing and Business Development, Sustainable Cundall


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