By Azzahra Mahmud

To mark Women in Engineering Day, we asked a number of our female engineers to share their stories and experiences of being a woman in this previously male dominated industry. Click here to view answers from others.

What does women in engineering day mean for you?

By highlighting the involvement and achievement of women within the industry, women in engineering day can help clear misconceptions about the engineering industry as a whole, and present the varied career opportunities available to all young people.

What is the most difficult gender related issue you have encountered in your working career?

In my (so far) short time in industry, I’m happy to say that I’ve yet to encounter any gender related difficulties.

What have you done to promote women in engineering?

I am taking part in the Cundall sponsored Reece Scholarship programme as a mentor for a team of five students interested in engineering (including two girls!). The Year 12 students will work towards producing a structural concept design for one of our on-site projects.

I have also signed up as a STEMNET ambassador and am endeavouring to take part in several events around schools, colleges and universities.

One piece of advice you would give to a young female starting out in a career in engineering?

If you have an interest in engineering, try to take part in courses such as Inspire and Headstart which are delivered by the Engineering Development Trust. This will help develop your understanding of the disciplines and career opportunities within engineering, and therefore enable you to make an informed choice before progressing into further education.

What are the top 5 positive things about being a woman in engineering?

I think generally the positives apply to a career in engineering as a whole:

  1. Lots of scholarship and bursary opportunities available by institutions, organisations and engineering companies (some exclusive to women)
  2. Travel, both nationally and internationally
  3. Working in a team
  4. Varied day to day work
  5. Contributing to the surrounding environment

What are the top 5 negative things about being a woman in engineering?

Because engineering is a male dominated industry, there’ll be many situations in which you’ll be the only female; if like me you don’t care much for football, you may find yourself lost/bored when the conversation takes that inevitable turn.

Click here to view answers from others.

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Women in Engineering, Working at Cundall


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